Sometimes there are issues connecting to QuickBooks, Salesforce, or other systems. To fix the issue, the simplest, most effective way is to reset the connection. This article will explain how, as well as tell you some of the possible reasons why a connection failed.

How to Reset Your Connection

QuickBooks Desktop

To reset your connection to QuickBooks for Desktop editions, open up QuickBooks and then go to the Autofy Agent, click on the Accounting tab, and click the Connect button. This may trigger QuickBooks to prompt you with their security authorization window, so be sure to watch QuickBooks for this possible outcome. If that does occur, simply follow the prompts to allow Autofy access to QuickBooks even if QuickBooks is not running. Also, see our Agent Setup Guide for complete details on connecting the Autofy Agent to QuickBooks.


Log into Autofy and inside the QuickBooks Channel, and the Autofy Agent Status displays: Disconnected.

1. Confirm that the Autofy Agent is open and you see two green check marks, one in Autofy tab and the other in the Accounting tab. 

2. Click the Accounting tab and click the connect button. This should reestablish the connection to QuickBooks. 

3. Refresh your Autofy web page to confirm that the Autofy Agent Status is Connected. If the status is still displaying disconnected. Close the Autofy desktop agent and sign out of the Autofy website.

4. Log back into the Autofy website and open up the Autofy desktop agent again, and repeat steps 1-3.

5. If the problem still persists, click on the Autofy tab in the Autofy desktop agent and click edit under the User Token and remove the User Token then click save. 

6. This will change the green check marks in the Agent tabs to red X's. 

7. Locate your Agent Key under the QuickBooks section in the Autofy website and re-enter the key into the Autofy desktop Agent and then click save. This should reestablish the connection between your Autofy account online and the Autofy Desktop agent.
8. Repeat Step 2. This will reconnect the Autofy desktop agent to your Quickbooks.
Possible causes:

  • Your connection preference in QuickBooks doesn't allow Autofy to connect unless QuickBooks is running, and QuickBooks isn't running during a sync attempt
  • For new users, you may not have completed the initial connection security prompt within QuickBooks
  • There is an open modal dialog box within QuickBooks that needs user attention before any other action can be taken
  • The user Autofy is trying to log into QuickBooks with is already logged into QuickBooks elsewhere

QuickBooks Online

To reset your connection to QuickBooks Online, log into Autofy, and go to the Channels page. There, under the QuickBooks channel, you can click the link that says "Disconnect". From there, simply click on the Connect to QuickBooks button again to connect.

Possible causes: 

  • QuickBooks Online may be unavailable to users, either due to maintenance or unplanned downtime
  • The access token issued to us has expired, which will trigger Autofy to prompt you to reset your connection


To reset your connection to Salesforce, log into Autofy, and go to the Channels page. There you can click the button that says "Disconnect". From there, just click on the Connect to Salesforce button again to connect. Autofy will connect you to the Salesforce Org that you're currently logged into.

Possible cause:

  • Your credentials may not be completely entered within Salesforce's OAuth screens You may have exceeded your daily API limit with Salesforce.
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