How does Record Matching Work?

The easiest way to explain Record Matching without all of the technical terms is an example. So, lets dive right in!

You have a customer, Jane Doe in QuickBooks. Her record has a unique QuickBooks internal ID of “012345-012345”. When you press sync, Autofy is going to search your Salesforce accounts to see if it can find a record with the same exact name of Jane Doe. Let’s say you do have a Salesforce account with this name and the record has a unique Salesforce ID of “0123A456789Ab”. Autofy will update the Salesforce record and link the two of them together by their ID’s. 

Now let’s say that you are running your sync for Jane Doe, but you do not already have an account by that name in Salesforce. Autofy will insert a new account with all of the information from QuickBooks. When the new account is created, Salesforce will generate a unique ID for the record and Autofy will again, link the QuickBooks customer and Salesforce account by their ID’s. 

In both cases, QuickBooks ID “012345-012345” and Salesforce ID “0123A456789Ab” are now linked together. The next time you edit Jane Doe in QuickBooks and run a sync, Autofy will see they are linked and search for Salesforce ID “0123A456789Ab” to update rather than searching for her name.

Why is Record Matching important for your sync?

Record Matching allows you the freedom to modify records in any way, shape or form that you need to without the risk of a duplicate record being created. Even basic information such as a customers name can change. 

For example; what if Jane Doe changed her last name. If Autofy only synced records based off of a matching name, you would need to change Jane's last name in both QuickBooks and Salesforce in order for the records to continue to sync together. By using Record Matching however, if Jane's last name changes you will only need to update it in QuickBooks. Then, when you run your next sync, it will automatically update her last name in the matching Salesforce record. 

This saves you not only time, but also reduces the risk of information being entered incorrectly by human error. Anyway you look at it, that is a huge win!

Situations to be aware of:

  • Deleting records can create errors. As we shared, once records have been linked together by their ID's they will only sync to that ID going forward. If a record is deleted, Autofy won't know where to send the record next. Learn more about this here.

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