So you installed Autofy and connected the channels you would like to integrate. You have your workflow set up just right but you are still hesitant to hit sync. You’ve got questions; What is going to happen? And how is it going to happen? 

We get it! Your data is important and if it isn’t synced exactly how you want it to be, it can cause a lot of extra work and confusion for your team. To give you peace of mind that you made the right choice with Autofy, we are here to answer all those questions for you.

What happens when you press sync and how does it happen?

The very first time you sync a record, Autofy will look it up by name. For example: let's say you want to sync a customer from QuickBooks to a Salesforce account. Autofy will take the customer name in QuickBooks and try to find that EXACT account name in Salesforce. If Autofy finds the customer name in Salesforce it will update the record and then link them by their unique internal ID’s. If Autofy does not find the customer name, it will create a new record and again, the QuickBooks record and the new Salesforce record will be linked by their ID’s. 

Once a record from QuickBooks has synced with a record from Salesforce, the two records are now linked by their unique ID’s and will only sync to each other for all future syncs. We call this "Record Matching" and it has some major benefits for you. To learn more about Record Matching click here.

Consider this before you Sync:

  • Clean data is key! Autofy searches your channels for EXACT name matches to sync your data for the first time. If your record names do not match exactly in both channels you will risk seeing duplicates.

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