Integration can be complex, so we try to make it as easy as possible, including how we price.  We think it's better to have a simple model that covers the bases instead of nickel-and-diming our users to death!  

We want you to sync all your important data without worrying about caps or limits.  We also offer one time services to help you get started quickly, or fully customize the sync to meet your unique business needs.  Here's how it works.

Autofy Subscriptions

There are 3 subscriptions you can choose with Autofy.

Each subscription comes with these fundamental benefits:

  • Unlimited syncing between connected Channels
  • Unlimited users
  • Chat and email support
  • Maintenance (to stay up to date with various apps)

Subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually.  There's no feature difference between the two, although paying annually can save you around 15%.

Each subscription level, however, has different benefits, so consult our pricing page or chat us for more information.

Autofy Services


This is a one time fee service that lets the Autofy team do your Autofy setup and testing for you.  It includes a few key things to get you moving quickly.

  • A named Autofy resource to lead and own the effort.
  • Up to two 90 minute desktop share web meetings to get apps connected, Autofy agent installation, and more.
  • Workflow setup, to show you how the template sync works and how to change it.
  • Testing a few records to demonstrate the behavior you should expect when syncing occurs.
  • Training to your internal, chosen primary user so they can answer questions to the rest of your team.

Customization Services

Sometimes, businesses have complex processes to automate that our standard functionality doesn't quite cover, and the Autofy team is on the case.  This is what's provided when custom development services are needed.

  • Business analysis, which will let us properly scope your integration.
  • Design, which internally lets us chart out the technical path of your sync.
  • Development, where our engineers build out your particular Workflow
  • Testing, which makes sure the Workflow we built for you will be nice and smooth when you go live.

Further Questions

Message us here, or email us if you have questions on how this works, and an Autofy team member will be happy to help you. 

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