In the QuickBooks and Salesforce template, Autofy syncs customers from QuickBooks to Salesforce when that step is enabled. This means that every time a sync is run (either user initiated or scheduled), Autofy will attempt to insert or update customers into Salesforce.

So what does this mean? What's really happening behind the scenes during the sync?

  • Autofy starts by doing a check in QuickBooks to see which customer records were modified since the last time it was run. This ensures Autofy doesn't try to re-sync every single customer every single time it's run. 
  • Next, Autofy compares the Customer Name in QuickBooks to the Account Name in Salesforce to find a match. It will do this the first time it looks for a match, and then from that point forward will reference the internal database IDs. (This is a more stable way to match records long term, and allows you to edit customer names without interrupting the match.)
  • If Autofy finds a match, AND the customer was updated in QuickBooks, then Autofy will update the Salesforce account with the new information. If Autofy doesn't find a match, then it will simply add the customer to Salesforce as an Account. 

For more information about how Autofy matches and syncs customers, email or chat us anytime.

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