One of the central features Autofy offers is to sync Opportunities from into QuickBooks (both Online and Desktop). Here's a breakdown of what happens when Autofy syncs Opportunities.

First, Autofy looks for Opportunities that have been marked as closed/won.

More specifically though, Autofy looks for any Opportunity stage whose type is "closed/won" inside of Salesforce. This means you can create custom stages with a type of "closed/won" that trigger Autofy to sync a given record. Salesforce help articles will teach you how to do this - here is a good place to start.

Pressing Sync in Autofy will trigger a sync. This sync will do a list of tasks that you've configured it to do on the Workflows page:

  • Autofy will bring closed/won Opportunities from Salesforce into QuickBooks, and post them as one of four different transaction types: Sales Order, Invoice, Receipt, or Estimate. You can select which transaction type you prefer in the Settings screen.
  • Included in this operation, Autofy will reference and match the Salesforce Account for the Opportunity with the QuickBooks Customer. This will ensure the transaction can be posted, as QuickBooks requires a Customer for the transaction to post.
  • Autofy also matches Salesforce Opportunity Products with QuickBooks Items, as QuickBooks requires at least 1 line item in order to post a transaction.
  • Finally, Autofy will look for certain invoice details to post back to the Opportunity: Invoice Date, Invoice Number, and Invoice Amount. Autofy creates these fields for you in Salesforce, and you can add them to your layout anytime by clicking Edit Layout in the upper right corner of an Opportunity.
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