Q: How does Autofy bring invoice details back to Salesforce?

A: Autofy automatically generates fields in Salesforce, in the Opportunity, to display pertinent invoice details for your Salesforce users to see. This is a great way to keep from giving QuickBooks access to users that otherwise wouldn't need it. Here are the fields:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Open Balance

Q: What about overall customer balance, does Autofy bring that into Salesforce too?

A: Autofy creates a customer balance field in the Salesforce Account, which is the amount that Customer owes you across all Invoices.

Q: When are the invoice custom fields generated in the Salesforce opportunity?

A: Autofy creates these fields on your first opportunity sync. If you don't see these fields in Salesforce, make sure they're activated in your opportunity view, as outlined in step 10 of this guide.

Q: Does Autofy require a line item in order to insert a transaction into QuickBooks?

A: Autofy inherently doesn't, but QuickBooks and other accounting systems do. The best way to ensure transactions will get entered into your accounting app is to make sure there's a line item present. If there are none, simply create a generic item in each system and use it in your transactions.

Q: Can I change field mapping to make one field point to a different one?

A: Yes, you can edit mapping using the Mapper feature inside Workflows. Make sure you're on a Pro or Custom level subscription to activate this feature.

Q: When Autofy brings customers or items from QuickBooks to Salesforce, will it update Salesforce if I already have something there?

A: Yes, Autofy will update a record in Salesforce it sees a match for, if the data coming from QuickBooks is more recent.

Q: Why isn't my opportunity making it through to QuickBooks?

A: There are a few reasons why this might be happening. 

  • One is that data in a field might be too long for QuickBooks to handle.  
  • The record your'e trying to sync was created before you set up Autofy. 
  • The record hasn't been modified in any way since the last sync you ran.

Q: How far back does Autofy check to bring Customers and Items from QuickBooks to Salesforce?

A: Autofy will look back at records created 2 years ago and newer.

Q: How is the transaction date set in QuickBooks?

A: QuickBooks (and other accounting systems) generates the transaction date. Autofy does not have influence over it.

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