If you use QuickBooks Desktop, you'll need to install the Autofy Agent on your QuickBooks machine to get connected. Here's a handy guide outlining how to do just that. This guide assumes that you have access to the computer where QuickBooks is installed, so make sure you have the right access before starting!

To get started, add the QuickBooks Channel in Autofy on the Channels page.  You should eventually see this:


1. After downloading, run the file from your computer by navigating to the file on your hard drive and double clicking on it. (This is usually your Downloads folder) 

Note: Only install the Agent on a machine that has QuickBooks installed on it.

2. Click through the installation steps. Once the install is complete, check the "Run Autofy" box and click finish.

3. Now, you will need to connect the Autofy Agent to your Autofy account. 

To do this, copy the token found in the Channel screen, enter it into the Agent, and click Save. The connection will say "Connected." when complete.

4. Open QuickBooks on your machine and sign in as the administrator.

Note: Make sure you're the Admin on the machine you're installing to (not just a user with Admin rights).

5. Once QuickBooks is open and you are signed in, go back to Autofy and click Connect.

6. Give Autofy permission to access your QuickBooks company.
Go to QuickBooks and choose to approve Autofy to access your company file. Click "Yes, Always allow access even when QuickBooks is not running" and "Continue". Then, click "Done" to confirm.

7. Take a look at the Autofy Agent and confirm QuickBooks has connected successfully.

You are now set up to run your first sync with QuickBooks Desktop!  Please chat us if you have any questions or issues.

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