So you just signed up with Autofy, and you want to see data move.  Great!  It's really easy to start seeing your data fly, so here are just a few steps to get going.

Set up your Channels

Clicking on Channels, you'll see lots of apps you can connect to Autofy.  Right away with your subscription, you can pick 2.  You can purchase more if you need them for your Workflows, but for now you can stick with 2.

Each Channel can have different setup requirements, but Autofy leads you through each one to make sure it can successfully connect.  In particular, your app might be installed on your desktop instead of just being on the web.  We'll cover that part later.  Above, we can see that connecting to QuickBooks Online is just a few clicks away.

Make a Workflow

Clicking on Workflows, you can make a fresh Workflow from scratch, or you can pick from a list of templates that Autofy makes for you.

Either way, you tell Autofy what to sync by picking Objects, or kinds of data, to sync across your Channels.  A really good example of this would be to "Get Customers from QuickBooks and Insert to Accounts in Salesforce".  

Just like saying it out loud to someone, Autofy will follow your instructions.  Click Save to save your Workflow.

Click Sync

When you click Sync, Autofy runs the Workflow.  The first thing you might notice is that it saves the Workflow in case you made any changes, then it will display the progress window.  Here, you'll see everything Autofy is doing.  If there are any sync errors, you'll see them displayed here. Before running your first sync, read our thoughts on best practices here.

Check out Status Center

Time to post-game your first sync.  How did it go?  Status Center is designed to tell you, for each record you synced, how it ended up.  You can click each record to get more detail. If something didn't sync how you think it should have, check your Workflow rules, and edit the record, just to make sure the last modified timestamp is current.  

Ask for help if you need it!

If you have any questions or need assistance, please send an email to We hope that Autofy makes your day just a bit brighter, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

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