For those of you who have the Autofy Agent installed on a server, there may come a time when you need to move QuickBooks and the Autofy Agent to a new server. This is quite a simple process when you following the below steps. These same steps also apply when moving the Agent to a different workstation.

  1. Run a full sync.
  2. Uninstall the Autofy Agent from the current server. This is very important as each Agent has to have its own unique token. A token may not be entered on two Agents at the same time.
  3. Install the Autofy Agent on the new server. You can access the most recent version of the Autofy Agent from the Connections page within Autofy.
  4. Connect the Agent to QuickBooks. You may need to reset the permissions certificate. Follow our step-by-step instructions here or access a video on how to do this here,

If you're also moving QuickBooks to the new server, it is very important to note whether QuickBooks forced a file rebuild. If so, you'll want to move the timestamps forward past this rebuild date so that thousands of records do not get picked up in the sync. You can review additional QuickBooks file rebuild information here.

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