So you've set up your connections and your workflow and now you're ready for your first sync? Before you hit that big green Sync button (as tempting as it may be!), let's make sure you're ready for this. 

Test, Test, Test

We know how tempting it is to just get started with that big green Sync button. It's like a button that says 'DO NOT PUSH'. You want to push it, right? We get it. But before you do that, let's do a few simple tests first to make sure everything is working as expected.

  1. See that magic wand on each step? That allows you to Single Record Sync. This means that you can test one record at a time to ensure that it's mapping over as expected and to fix any errors along the way. 
  2. Run that Single Record Sync on several records for each step. It may sound daunting, but spending about 5-10 minutes per step, testing the behavior can save you hours of cleanup later on if you skipped straight to the Sync button without testing.

The Scheduler

Don't turn it on. Not yet. We know it's just as tempting as the Sync button, but just wait on turning it on for now. Once you've tested your sync step-by-step, and then you run a few successful full syncs (when you actually get to hit that green Sync button), then you can turn on the scheduler so you can 'set it and forget it'.

After you've run a few successful manual syncs, we suggest setting the scheduler to once a day. After the scheduled syncs have run successfully for a few days, then incrementally reduce the time between scheduled syncs. Maybe twice a day, then every 3 hours, then every hour, then every half hour. 

Once you've done your testing, feel free to run your first sync!

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