We understand that questions may come up while you are setting up and using your Autofy Account. When those moments arise, our Support Team is happy to help, and they do everything possible to provide you with a resolution as quickly as possible. To assist our Support Team in providing you with a timely resolution it is helpful for you to provide as many details as possible about your questions.  

What exactly does that mean and what details are helpful? Well, it can vary depending on your exact inquiry. We tend to break up the questions we receive into one of the following four categories. For details on the information to provide us with, click on the link that most closely relates to your question.  


Alert Message Help 

Mapping Help

Connection Issues 

Autofy Set Up Questions 


If you don’t see a category that your question falls into, please reach out and provide as many details of your inquiry as possible. And, as a general rule of thumb, screenshots (when applicable) of the issue you are experiencing are always helpful.  

As a reminder, the best way to get in touch with us by reaching out to support@getautofy.com.  

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