So you've signed up for your Autofy account! What next?

First step is figuring out what two Connections will be syncing. In this article, we're outlining how to connect to Shopify and QuickBooks Online

We've made Connection setup a breeze! While you do have the ability to create your own Workflow from scratch, we've made it super simple for you by providing Workflow Templates. These Templates are pre-built Workflows where the objects, settings, and mapping are all defaulted and predefined. 

Next step is to select which Template to use. Click Go on the Shopify and QuickBooks Online option:

Now let's set up your Connections. Click on the first plus sign and select the Shopify option from under the Or add a new connection text.

A popup will appear, confirming that Shopify will be added as a Connection. Click Add to proceed.

A popup will appear so you can enter your Shopify store name. The store name comes from the URL of your Shopify account (like below).

Once you've entered the store name (no spaces), click on Connect. This will produce a popup from Shopify to confirm the information that Autofy will have access to while connected. Click Install App to allow access and confirm the connection to Shopify.

Autofy will then show that it is currently connected to Shopify and include the name of your Shopify store.

Now you're connected to Shopify! Click Close in order to set up your connection to QuickBooks Online.

Start by clicking on the plus sign and selecting QuickBooks Online under the Or add a new connection text.

A popup will appear, confirming that you'll be connecting to QuickBooks Online. Click Add.

Click Connect to continue setting up the connection.

Next, select Connect to give Autofy permissions to access QuickBooks Online.

Once permission is granted, Autofy will be connected to QuickBooks Online!

That's it! Congratulations! You're connected to Shopify and QuickBooks Online

Click on Create Workflow to see your steps and get started with your first sync.

Click here to learn about the QuickBooks and Shopify Workflow Template.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please send an email to

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