Alert Message:
There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account.
(Message may vary depending on objects syncing.)

Cause of Alert:
This is a mapping related error that is caused when users are attempting to create an Item record in QuickBooks from a Product in Salesforce. 

In order to create an Item record, QuickBooks requires an Income Account be selected. However, because Salesforce does not require this there is no standard field that holds similar information on the Product in Salesforce. 


To resolve this issue, the user must add a custom field to the Product Object in Salesforce that can be mapped to the Income Account field in QuickBooks. Below is the QuickBooks field that you will need to add mapping for:

Note: Since the Income Account field is a pick-list field in QuickBooks we recommend that the field created in Salesforce is a pick-list field with the same options as in QuickBooks. This will ensure that the value entered into the field in Salesforce will match an option in QuickBooks exactly.

In the example below the user is attempting to use Autofy to create an Item called "Sweatshirt" in QuickBooks from a Product record in Salesforce. Below is the alert message the user received. 

To resolve this issue, the user added a custom pick-list field on their Salesforce Product Object titled 'Income_Account__c' which included the exact options within the QuickBooks pick-list. 

The user then added mapping into their Autofy Step to sync the Income Account field in Salesforce to the Income Account field in QuickBooks.

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