So you've signed up for your Autofy account! What next?

Before getting started, it's very important that you will have access to QuickBooks Desktop (you'll need to be logged in as the QuickBooks Admin - not a user with admin access - and in Single User Mode) just during the setup process.

First step is figuring out what two Connections will be syncing. In this article, we're outlining how to connect to QuickBooks Desktop and Salesforce

We've made Connection setup a breeze! While you do have the ability to create your own Workflow from scratch, we've made it super simple for you by providing Workflow Templates. These Templates are pre-built Workflows where the objects, settings, and mapping are all defaulted and predefined. 

Next thing you want to do is select the QuickBooks Desktop to Salesforce option by clicking Go:

Now let's set up your Connections. Click on the first plus sign and select the QuickBooks option from under the Or add a new connection text.

From here, Autofy says that it will add a connection to QuickBooks Desktop and tells you the data it will have access to. Click Add.

If you have not yet downloaded the Autofy Agent, this is your moment to do so. The Autofy Agent needs to be installed on the same machine as QuickBooks.

Important Note: During setup, you'll need to be logged into QuickBooks as the QuickBooks Admin (not a user with admin rights) and in Single User Mode. After setup, you can go back to multi-user mode. It is also important that the correct QuickBooks Company File is open.

Click on the Autofy Agent Download button and follow the instructions here.

After you've entered the token on the Agent, click Next. Once you click Connect on the next popup, Autofy will tell you whether you are successfully connected, along with the file to which you've successfully connected!

Now that you're successfully connected to QuickBooks Desktop, you can just as easily get connected to Salesforce

Before you do so, to make the process even easier, make sure you do the below steps:

  1. Make sure your popup blocker is turned off.
  2. Log into Salesforce with the user you'd like Autofy to use.

Click on the plus sign and select Salesforce from under the Or add a new connection text.

A popup will appear, confirming that Salesforce will be added as a Connection. Click Add to proceed.

If connecting to Sandbox, select that checkbox. If not, click Connect to move forward.

A popup window will appear asking you to log into Salesforce. Once you've done so, the page will refresh, confirming that Salesforce is now connected. At this point, if you'd like to download the Salesforce Package, you can follow the instructions and learn more here. Click Close to move on without downloading the package. 

You can always install the Salesforce Package later. 

That's it! Congratulations! You're connected to QuickBooks Desktop and Salesforce

Click on Create Workflow to see your steps and get started with your first sync.

Click here to learn about the QuickBooks and Salesforce Workflow Template.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please send an email to

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