When you set up the Mission Control sync template in Autofy, you'll notice it's pre-built to sync Billing Events to QuickBooks Invoices.  You can edit or change this sync, but the template starts you here.

How does Autofy know what to sync?

When Autofy runs (either automatically or by pressing Sync), it will make a few decisions to help it know which Billing Event records to process.

Last Modified Time, and Created Time

Autofy has a global filter that only lets it consider records that have been created and/or modified since the last sync.  So if you run multiple syncs in a row, only the first sync you run will pick up any records.  Further syncs you run won't pick anything up until you create or modify something.


The Billing Event type must equal "Invoice".  This is to prevent Autofy from syncing Billing Event records that are really Credits.

Note: If you want Credits to sync as well, you can Add a new Workflow Step to handle those.  Contact us if you need guidance, or setup service to get this done.


The Billing Event status must equal "Issued".  This prevents Autofy from syncing Billing Events that aren't ready to go to QuickBooks, as well as to prevent the re-syncing of Billing Events updated to a "Paid" status.

Line Items

Every Invoice must have a line item, and luckily, Mission Control has you covered.  Billing Even Items map to QuickBooks Invoice Line Items, and there are a few important things to note.

Billing Event Item Name must equal your QuickBooks Item/Product Name

This is crucial, because QuickBooks must be able to recognize what Product or Service you sold.  If it can't recognize it by Name (which is a unique identifier for a Product), then QuickBooks will fail the invoice, and you'll get an Autofy alert.

Line Item quantity is defaulted to "1"

Mission Control doesn't have a field for Line Item quantity, so Autofy (needing to provide this to QuickBooks) sets it to "1".  All of your Invoice Line Items in QuickBooks will therefore have a quantity of 1.

Ledger Code

This field isn't mapped, because Item to GL Account mapping is done within QuickBooks.  QuickBooks recognizes items by name, and then knows which GL account to use on its own.

Tax Handling

Autofy will map the Billing Event Tax Label value to the QuickBooks tax code at the Invoice footer.  This means that this value will populate the picklist that QuickBooks uses to compute tax on its end.  Your Mission Control tax rate will not be directly used in the sync, so be sure the rate associated to your QuickBooks tax code matches what you have in Mission Control. 

How to tell if the Invoice has been paid

Whenever the open balance of a synced QuickBooks Invoice reaches $0, Autofy will update the Mission Control Billing Event Status field to "Paid".

We hope this guide helped you see exactly how Autofy is syncing Invoices to QuickBooks from Mission Control.  If you have any questions, please click the Messenger icon below, or send us an email at support@propelware.com.

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