Editing an already existing field mapping within the Autofy Data Mapper is easy to do. Check out the step by step guide below for how to add a new field mapping. (Note: If you want to add a new field mapping check out this guide.)

1.  Navigate to your workflow page and click the Mapper tab under the step you would like to update field mappings on. 

2. Hover over the row you would like to change the field mapping for and a small pencil will appear to the right of the row. Click the pencil to edit the field. 

3. After clicking the edit button a field list will populate. Simply locate and select the field (in either the source or the destination list) that you would like to update. Then click Save.

4. After clicking save, the list of field mappings will close and you will see the field updated within your field mapping list. 

Have questions? Please reach out to us at support@getautofy.com.


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