The Autofy Data Mapper is a tab located on each of your steps which outlines the fields being picked up for your source application and where they are being sent to in your destination application. Below is a quick overview of how to navigate the data mapper. 

  1. The Data Mapper Tab: Each of your sync steps will have a tab titled "Mapper". To view, add and edit your field mappings for that specific step you will click the Mapper tab. 
  2. The Sample Button: The sample button allows you to view how the data mapping would populate for a specific field if you were to sync it to your destination application. 
  3. The New Field Button: If you want to add mapping for a new field not yet listed in the data mapper, click this button. Check out this article for details on how to add a new field mapping. 
  4. Source Application Mapped Fields: This is the list of the fields that will be picked up to sync from your source application. 
  5. Destination Application Mapped Fields: This is the list of the fields that show where the data from your source application will be sent to in your destination application. 
  6. Related Lists: Anytime you see an arrow next to one of your field mappings, it means these field mappings are being picked up form and sent to a related object. To view the field mappings for the related list or object, simply click the row.  

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