Adding a new field mapping within the Autofy Data Mapper is easy to do. Check out the step by step guide below for how to add a new field mapping. (Note: If you want to edit an existing field mapping check out this guide.)

1. Navigate to your workflow page and click the Mapper tab under the step you would like to update field mappings on. 

2. Click the New Field button. 

3. After clicking "New Field" two boxes will open up. This is the full field list for all of the fields within both of your objects that are avaialble for you to map with. 

4. From here you can search the list of fields to find the fields you would like to adding mapping for. Once you find the correct fields, simply click on them so they are highlighted. Then press save. 

5. Once you click Save, the new field mapping will populate in the list below.

6. Continue steps 4 through 5 until you have all of your fields mapped. Then press Cancel to close out of the field mapping lists. 


I am recieving an Error on a field I am trying to map. What is happening?
There are some limitations within fields that can be mapped. Check out this article for more information on Data Mapper Errors and Warnings. 

Is it possible to remove a field mapping once it has been added?
Simply hover over the row with that field mapping and a red trash can will appear to the right. Click the trash can to remove the mapping. 

How can I edit one of my field mappings?
Check out this article for a step by step walk through. 

I want to map custom fields. How can I do this?
Yes! Check out this article for details on how to map custom fields. 

Is it possible to map one of my fields to a static value?
It sure is! Check out this article for how to map to a static field.

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