The Mapper is an Autofy feature built into each of your sync steps that allows you to view and set field mappings for your data. This means that you get to associate (or link) specific fields together between apps. Say you wanted to make sure that your memo field gets synced to the customer message field on an Invoice.  The Mapper is how you get it done!

Each step within your sync will have its own set of field mappings which you can view and edit in the Mapper. You'll find the Mapper is a separate tab within each step. Clicking on the Mapper tab on any Workflow step will reveal the Mapper:

Congratulations!   You're well on your way to getting the perfect field mapping setup for your sync.  We'll cover specifics in other help articles, but here are a few high level common questions to help get you started.

Who can use the Data Mapper?
The Data Mapper can be used by all Autofy users, however the kinds of data you can map varies between editions of Autofy. To use the data mapper to sync with Custom Fields, you must have the Business Subscription or higher. And, to sync with Custom Fields and Custom Objects you must have the Premium subscription or higher. 

Will field mappings automatically populate?
Autofy attempts to generate basic mapping for you based on the objects you're syncing. Depending on the apps you're connecting and their objects, you may get fairly complete mapping, or sparse mapping.  You'll want to make sure that all the fields you care about are being handled prior to going live with your sync.

If you are using one of our template workflows or commonly synced objects, field mapping will automatically populate for you. You can view the pre-populated field mapping by clicking on the Mapper tab within each step. If however, you are syncing with custom objects, you will not have pre-populated field mappings and you will need to add them. 

Can I add or edit field mappings?
Yes! Check out this guide for how to add new field mappings and this guide for how to edit existing field mappings. 

There is a field/object in my field list but it is grayed out and will not allow me to map with it. Why?
Mapping to custom fields and objects is limited based upon the Autofy plan you have purchased. If you would like to sync with one of these fields or objects you will want to consider upgrading your subscription.

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