As part of your Autofy subscription users will now receive a Weekly Autofy Usage Report. The report is intended to give you a quick glance at what your sync has done over the last week. These emails will be sent out each Sunday and include information from Sunday through Saturday of the previous week. 

For a quick overview of the information included in the email see our example below:

Number of Syncs Run: The number of syncs run is a a total number of syncs run for all workflows within your account. This will include any syncs that were kicked off manually or by the scheduler. 

Records Autofy Processed: This number is the total number of records that were synced throughout that week. 

Records that Need Attention: Records that need attention, are any records that did not sync properly and need to be reviewed by your team. The best way to do this is to review your sync within the Status Center. Check this guide for more info on how to do this. 

Hours of Data Entry Time Saved: This is our favorite number of them all! We worked hard to create an algorithm that provides an estimate of how much time you are saving by syncing with Autofy instead of entering all of your data by hand. The Hours of Data Entry Time Saved tells you just that! 

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