The last created or modified by timestamps found within each of your steps is a crucial part of your sync because it determines what data will be picked up to sync. To provide Autofy users with even more control over what data syncs, it is now possible for users to modify this timestamp on their own. 

To adjust the timestamp for one of your steps simply click the timestamp. and a calendar box will pop up with the date options for you to select. 

Once you select the date, you will be able to select the hour of the day you would like to adjust the time to. 

Then, you can select the time interval within that hour. 

If you go through the process and realize you selected the incorrect time, no fear! You can click the "undo" button that will appear next to the timestamp. (Note, once you run a sync with the new timestamp you will no longer be able to undo your date change). 


What exactly is the timestamp and how does it impact my sync?
For details on the timestamp check out this article

How far forward can I move my timestamp?
You can move the timestamp forward as far into the future as you would like. This can be helpful if you are still testing your sync and want to ensure that data does not start syncing prior to a certain date. 

How far back can I move my Timestamp?
The furthest you are able to move your timestamp back is 2 weeks from the date you are making the change. For example, if today's date is 6/22/18 and you would like to push your timestamp back, the furthest back you will be able to go is 6/8/18. If your timestamp is set to a date prior than 6/8/18, you will only be able to move your timestamp forward. 

I want to sync all of my historical records but I am not able to move the timestamp back far enough. Now what?
Please check out our article for additional information on historical data. 

What are some reasons why someone may want to move their timestamp forward. 

  • To bypass an error: If an error occurred within your last sync and you do not want that record to sync, you can move your timestamp forward to bypass the error. This will help to ensure that Autofy does not continue to attempt syncing records that have already been picked up. 
  • You did a QuickBooks company rebuild or edited a large amount of data in one of your source connections: Any time you do a QuickBooks Company Rebuild or modify a large amount of data in your source connection, all of the modified records will get picked up during the next sync. This can cause a few things to happen such as your sync to run for a long time, or Salesforce API call issues. We highly recommend that you move the timestamp forward to just after the mass updates were completed to avoid these issues from occurring. 

I want to move my timestamp forward to bypass an error but am not sure what to push it to. Any suggestions?
We would recommend that you move the timestamp forward to the time you last ran your sync. This will ensure that you do not miss any records that may have been modified or created shortly after you ran your sync.

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