Alert Message:
Salesforce says you’ve reached your daily API limit, due to high data volume.  No more Salesforce syncs will be allowed today.

Cause of Alert:
This error comes directly from Salesforce and is caused when you have met your daily API Call Limit. API's are what Autofy uses to be able to connect and sync with Salesforce. Salesforce limits the amount of API calls that each account is allowed in a rolling 24 hour period. Once all of the API calls have been used, Salesforce will no longer allow Autofy to sync data. 

If you receive this error, we recommend that you do not attempt any additional syncs for the day. This will allow the Salesforce API calls to rest. If you would still like to run your sync, you do have the ability to purchase additional API calls from Salesfoce if you would like. 

Things that may be impacting the amount of API Calls used:

  • Check your last successful sync timestamps. If there was an error within your sync that went unresolved, the timestamp may be very far back which will cause a large amount of records to be picked up with every sync. If this is the case, you will want to resolve the error and adjust your timestamp forward. 
  • How often your sync is scheduled to run may also impact the amount of API Calls used. This often goes hand in hand with an unresolved error. If you often run into API call issues because you did not have time to resolve an error before the next sync ran, you may want to consider reducing how frequently your sync is running. 
  • Check Salesfoce to see if you have another application that also uses API calls. Often times the culprit of API calls being used up is due to another connected Salesforce application that is running simultaneously to Autofy. 

Check out this article and this article from Salesforce for more information about API call limits.

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