Alert Message:
An Unknown Error has Occurred. (The message may vary to include a specific connection where the error occurred, such as "An unknown error has occurred with Salesforce.")

Cause of Alert:
We do our very best to provide you with clear and actuate Alert Messages so you can easily resolve any issues that may arise, however you may run into an issue that we do not have messaging for yet. 

If you receive an alert message such as this, please reach out to us at so we can assist you. We will be able to review our logging and should be able to provide you with some additional information on the error you are receiving and how to resolve it. Below is quick list of information to include when you reach out to us. 

  • A screenshot of where you saw the message or the email that you received. 
  • If you know which record this message occurred on, provide as many details from the record as possible, such as screenshots and if applicable, the Salesforce ID

Once we are able to determine what the error is, we will also take note to update our alert messaging so you receive a more clear message should this error come up again. 

Have questions? Let us know at

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