Alert Message:
QuickBooks Error Message: Transaction amount must be positive. 

Cause of Alert:
This is a data related error that is caused when the record you are syncing to QuickBooks to create a transaction from has an amount that is a negative value. QuickBooks does not allow users, including Autofy, to create transactions with a negative amount. 


  • Adjust the record from your source connection to ensure the amount is a positive value and then run the sync again. 

In the example below our user is syncing a new Opportunity titled "Quarterly Order 6/15' to QuickBooks as an Invoice. When Autofy attempted to sync this record it was unsuccessful and the customer received the message below.

Autofy was unable to create the Invoice because the amount for the Opportunity in Salesforce was not a positive value. If we review the opportunity below, we can see that it was for ($7,000). The user must update the opportunity in Salesforce to have a positive value. 

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