Alert Message:
Item Salesforce was not found in QuickBooks. 

Cause of Alert:
This is a data related error that generally occurs when the record you are attempting to push into QuickBooks from Salesforce does not have any line items added to it. QuickBooks requires that transactions have at least one line item before they can be created. For Autofy to create a transaction record in QuickBooks there will need to be valid line item information sent over from the Salesforce record you are syncing.  


  • Add a valid product to the Salesforce record you are syncing. Please note that the product you add to the Salesforce record must also exist in QuickBooks as an item. 
  • Add an item in QuickBooks with the name of 'Salesforce'. This will allow the record to be created with a line item titled 'Salesforce'. 
  • If your record in Salesforce does have a line item, review your mapping to ensure you are mapping the object line items so they are picked up within the sync. 

In the example below our user is syncing a new Opportunity titled "Work Order - Propelware' to QuickBooks as an Invoice. When Autofy attempted to sync this record it was unsuccessful and the customer received the message below. 

You can see the record did not sync becuase the user did not have an Products added to the Opportunity in Salesforce. Below is what the record looked like in Salesforce prior to syncing. In order to successfully sync the record, the user will need to follow one of the resolutions outlined above. 

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