Alert Message:
There was an issue adding, modifying or deleting an Account because it is already in use by another QuickBooks user. Please try and sync the record again.

Cause of Alert:
This error occurs when a QuickBooks user is modifying a record at the same time Autofy is also trying to modify the record. As a security feature QuickBooks does not allow Autofy to interact with a record while another user is editing it.  


  • Ensure any users that were modifying the record save their changes and then close out of the record. Then run your sync again. 
  • If you continue to run into this record we would recommend that you login into QuickBooks in Single User Mode and run the sync again. 

In the example below our user is trying to sync "Customer A". The user ran into the error below because the record for 'Customer A' was being modified by another user in QuickBooks. 

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