Alert Message:
You are creating a duplicate record. We recommend you use an existing record instead.

Cause of Alert:
This is a data related alert that is usually caused when a user has the Salesforce Dupe Catcher enabled. The Dupe Cather is blocking Autofy from creating a new Account because there is an existing account with a similar (but not exact) name. 


  • Verify that the spelling of the account name is accurate and that it should be newly created in Salesforce or if there was a typo and it should not be newly created in Salesforce. 
  • Modify the Dupe Catcher restrictions or turn off the Dupe Catcher. 

In the example below our user is syncing a new Customer "Apple Bus Company" from QuickBooks to an Account in Salesforce. When Autofy attempted to sync this record it was unsuccessful and the customer received the message below. 

You can see the record did not sync because Salesforce found a record with a similar name that already exists in Salesforce. To avoid creating a duplicate record Salesforce is blocking Autofy from creating the record.

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