Alert Message:
Required Fields are Missing
(May vary depending on your destination connection.)

Cause of Alert:
This is a data related alert that is caused when a field that is required by your destination connection does not have a value being sent to it. 


  • Fill in the appropriate field within your Source Object and resync the record. 
  • Verify that you have the required field set up to sync in the data mapper. 
  • Where possible, update your destination object so the field is no longer required. 

In the example below our user is syncing Invoice 34 from QuickBooks to an Opportunity in Salesforce. When Autofy attempted to sync this record it was unsuccessful and the customer received the message below. 

The message is indicating that Autofy was unable to successful sync the Invoice because the field "Order Number__c" is a required field on Salesforce Opportunities. The user can follow any of the resolutions above to successfully sync this record.

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