Alert Message:
String too Long.
(May vary based on your destination connection.)

Cause of Alert:
This is a data related alert that is caused when a value being synced to one of your fields has more characters than is accepted by your destination connection. 


  • Reduce the value in your source connection so it fits within the character limit of your destination connection field. 
  • Adjust the field in your destination connection so it will accept a larger value. 

In the example below our user is syncing a new Customer "Mary Mac" from QuickBooks to an Account in Salesforce. When Autofy attempted to sync this record it was unsuccessful and the customer received the message below. 

You can see the record did not sync because the character length for the email field was too long for Salesforce. The email field in QuickBooks had 19 characters but the max length allowed by Salesforce is 10. To resolve this error the user can reduce the character count in QuickBooks or update the field in Salesforce so it allows more characters. 

Helpful Resources:

  • To see a list of character limits for QuickBooks check out this link from Intuit. 

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