As a part of your Autofy Subscription, we offer a free Salesforce Package to help you make the most out of your integration. For details on this package, what it includes, and how to install it check out the information below. 

How to Install the Autofy Salesforce Package:

You can install the Autofy Salesforce Package by navigating to the Connection Settings under your Salesforce connection. Once you are connected to Salesforce you will see the blue "Click here to install our Salesforce package" link. Clicking this link will take you exactly where you need to be for the install. For a full walk through of the install, check out this guide

What is the purpose of the Autofy Salesforce Package:
The Autofy Salesforce package includes multiple custom fields that are standard in QuickBooks and commonly requested to be synced with Salesforce. Installing the Autofy Salesforce Package allows users to sync this information between QuickBooks and Salesforce and is already included as a part of the default mapping within the Autofy template. By installing the Autofy Salesforce Package you eliminate the need to create and map these fields on your own. 

What is included in the Autofy Salesforce Package:
The package includes 15 custom fields. For details on these fields, check out this article and for details on how the Autofy Template workflow syncs with these fields, check out this article.

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