From time to time you may receive an alert, similar to the screenshot below, notifying you that Autofy cannot connect to QuickBooks Online. This message simply means you need to reestablish your connection with QBO before running another sync. Keep reading for why you might see this alert and how to resolve it. 

What causes this message?

  • Intuit Security Settings: As a sort of security measure QuickBooks Online requires Autofy users to re-authenticate their connection approximately ever 180 days. This is similar to a program requiring you to update your password every few months. 
  • Password Changes: If the credentials are updated for your user who initially established the connection with QuickBooks and Autofy , you may need to reconnect QuickBooks with the updated password. 
  • Intuit Server Issues: This does not happen often, but from time to time, Intuit may be experiencing server issues which impact your ability to sync. In these cases, reconnecting your channel will not resolve the issue and you will need to wait until QuickBooks Online is back up and running properly. If you attempt to reconnect to Autofy and are still receiving this message, we recommend that you wait an hour and try to reconnect again. If you are still receiving this message please reach out to our support team. 

How do I reestablish my connection with QuickBooks Online?

1. Navigate to the Connections page within your Autofy Account.
2. Click Connection Settings under your QuickBooks Online Channel. 

3. Click Connect. 

4. A new window will pop up. Enter your QuickBooks Online Credentials and sign in. 

5. Approve the Connection by clicking connect. 

6. Your QuickBooks Online connection should now be complete. 

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