Every Autofy subscription comes with comprehensive support, but what does that mean?  What really happens behind the scenes, and what should you expect from Autofy?  Here's how it all works.  

The Autofy Support Approach

We take support inquiries seriously, and we want to make sure we quickly identify and fix problems with Autofy, so you can go back to getting stuff done.  We have a service level goal of same day acknowledgement of all issues, to let you know that we've begun the process of looking into them.

After acknowledging the issue, we prioritize understanding and defining what the issue is, so that we can identify a cause.  We informally call this the diagnosis phase, and we do it by following the following this general line of questioning:

  1. What were you trying to do, and what happened?
  2. What were you expecting to happen?
  3. Can you send us specific examples or give us a way to find them?
  4. Does this happen all the time, or only sometimes?

Note: Depending on your answers to the above questions, we (you and us) might discover that the problem is specific to one record, and there is no issue with Autofy.  For those cases, simply editing the record on your end and re-syncing often fixes the issue.

Diagnosis is often the most time consuming part of the process, relatively.  And we rely on your input to help us get to the right answer fast.  Once we have a diagnosis, we can work on making a fix - this is often the fastest part of the process.  

Once we've applied a fix, we notify you and ask you to run a sync again, then give us feedback on whether it gave you the desired outcome.

Autofy Support Performance

So what should you expect from Autofy in terms of the length of time it takes to acknowledge and resolve a support issue?

Our team's performance varies week to week, depending on many factors.  Overall though, you can expect the following:

  • New issues are acknowledged same day, or in other words, within 8 business hours
  • Diagnosis depends heavily on your responsiveness, but generally takes between 2 and 5 business days.
  • Fixes are applied very soon after we have a diagnosis, usually within minutes to hours.
  • Notifying you of resolution occurs shortly after the fix is applied.  We want the issue closed as much as you do!

Support Plans

The level of support included differs with the kind of subscription you have.  

For Basic Plans

Our lowest cost plan includes support in the following forms:

  • Our help site, support.propelware.com
  • Email communication with the Autofy team

For Business and Premium Plans

  • Our help site, support.propelware.com
  • Email communication with the Autofy team
  • Scheduled screen shares

We hope this helps you understand what you get with Autofy support, and please reach us if you have any questions!

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