Within each step users have the ability to add filters. Filters provide users with a way to narrow down the amount of records syncing based off of a specific criteria. Use the guide below for an overview of how to create a filter. 

  1. Login to your Autofy Account and navigate to your workflow. 
  2. Locate the step you would like to add a filter to and click "Add Filter". 

3. Three fields will populate. In the first field select the field from your Source Object that you would like to filter off of. 

4. In the second field, select the appropriate operation for your filter based off of the drop down list.

5. In the last field, enter the field value that you would like to filter off of. 

Adding Multiple Filters:
It is possible to add multiple filters to one step. If you would like to add more then one filter to a step. Follow Steps 1 through 5 above and then continue on to the steps below. 

6. Click "Add Filter" again. 

7. A new drop down menu will appear. Select AND or OR to determine how your filters will be processed by Autofy. 

8. Fill in the remaining three fields in the same way that you filled them out for the first filter. 

That's it! You now have filters on your step. Once your filters have been created we would recommend that you use the Single Record Sync feature to test out your filters to ensure they are working exactly as you want them to.

Do you have some questions? Please let us know by reaching out at support@getautofy.com. 

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