As a best practice, we encourage all of our customers to test their syncs in Sandbox or Test environments where possible. By testing out your sync in a non-production environment it will ensure that your current data will not be negatively impacted if something does not sync as you expected it to. Check out below for a few options for syncing in test environments.

Testing Autofy with Salesforce:

Salesforce makes it very easy for Autofy user to run their sync in a test environment. To do this, you will simply need to create a Sandbox replica of your current Production Salesforce. Check out this guide from Salesforce for how to create a Sandbox. 

To connect to your Salesforce Sandbox, follow this guide.

Testing Autofy with QuickBooks Desktop:

The best way to test with QuickBooks Desktop is to create a duplicate copy of your QuickBooks Company File. To learn how to create a copy of your Company File check out this guide from Intuit. 

Connecting to your QuickBooks Test Company File will follow the exact same process as connecting to your Production Company File. Check out this guide for Step by Step instructions.

Testing Autofy with QuickBooks Online:

At this time Intuit does not allow Autofy to interact with any QuickBooks Online test environments. If you would like to test out your sync with QuickBooks Online, the best option is to set up a trial account. You will then be able to switch to your production account when you are done testing.

A Few Important Notes:

  • To make sure the tests you run within your Sandbox are accurate you will want to make sure that the Sandbox is an exact replica of your production environment.
  • If you add or change fields within your Sandbox while you are testing Autofy, make sure you also add those to your production environment. 
  • After you have completed your testing, be sure to check out this article prior to switching from your Sandbox to your Production Org. 

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