Here at Autofy we often have customers who ask if they can sync all of their historical data from one channel to another. The answer to this is both yes and no. There is some information that Autofy can look back historically for, but there is other historical data Autofy does not support. Keep reading for all of the specifics.

What kind of historical data DOES Autofy sync?

Autofy can sync any data that isn't historical - meaning lists.  Lists are exactly that; lists of records like Customers, Items, Classes, and the like.  They aren't date sensitive - they're just records stored in your system. 

Almost every single app you can integrate with Autofy will have lists, and the required fields are usually the same between systems. This combination makes for a very easy match for Autofy and therefore, allows Autofy to easily sync this data.

What kind of historical data does Autofy NOT sync?

Autofy does not support historical syncing for any Transactional record types. This includes but is not limited to, the list below:

  • Invoices
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Payments
  • Credit Memos
  • Estimates 
  • Sales Orders

Unlike Customer and Item records, transaction records and the information required to create one varies greatly from system to system. For example, to create an Invoice in QuickBooks, you must have at least one line item. However, in Salesforce line items are not a requirement for any transaction records. The nuances between channels make it bit tricky for Autofy to properly match records and increase the risk for errors to occur within the sync.

What other risks are involved with syncing historical data?

  • Duplicates Records: When syncing mass historical data the risk of duplicate records being created is high. 
  • Hitting API Request Limits: Many systems Autofy integrates with have limits of how much activity can be completed on a daily basis. When trying to sync a large amount of data it is not uncommon for these limits to be met, and once they are met it can be difficult to get around them. 

Why doesn't Autofy migrate historical data?

One-time mass data migrations are different from app integration.  How?  Primarily, data migration is a one time event.  Once the extraction and load of that data is complete, you no longer need the migration tool.  Additionally, it often takes expert consulting time to make sure the data is prepared to be migrated, which is a lot of one-time work.  

We understand that knowing the history of your sales and business is extremely important; but we also think that pulling over too much old information can clog up your business process. While it might be important to know the month by month sales numbers from 3 years ago, it likely isn't all that important that you know exactly which customer bought what. Especially if you have a customer that is no longer purchasing from you.  

I still want to sync historical transactions. What are my options?

First, check out this guide to exporting data from QuickBooks.

While Autofy does not support the syncing of historical transactions, there are other options out there for you. A quick search on the Salesforce App Exchange or Google will show you a few options which might fit your needs for a one-time mass historical data import. Then, once you've completed your one-time upload, you can use Autofy to keep your records syncing on daily basis.

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