On every step within your sync you will notice a "created or modified" timestamp. This timestamp is a crucial indicator for the records Autofy will pick up when you run your sync. 

So what exactly does that timestamp mean? Autofy only syncs new data. New means that a record was created or modified since the last sync was run. So when you run a full sync either by clicking the green sync button or by the scheduler, Autofy will pick up any records for that step that were created or modified since the date listed.

Let's walk through an example using the image below.
The timestamp in the step below is set to 4/5/2018 at 9:57:06 AM. When this user runs a full sync, Autofy will pick up any Opportunities that have been newly created or modified within Salesforce since 4/5/2018 at 9:57:06 AM Once Autofy completes the sync for this step, the timestamp will be moved forward for the next sync. 

Timestamp FAQ's:

What is the timestamp set to when a step is created?

When you create a step for the first time, the timestamp will be set to 12:00 AM of the date it was created, meaning early that morning.

Can I change the timestamp?

Yes, users have the ability to modify timestamps for all steps. For more information on how to adjust the timestamp, click here

I ran the sync but my timstamp did not move forward. Why?

If your timestamp does not move forward it is likely caused because an error occurred when you last ran your sync. Check for an email Alert or review the Status Center to see what may have occurred. 

When I run the sync, will the timestamp be adjusted to the time my sync started, or when it completed?

To ensure that Autofy does not skip over any records, the timestamp will be adjusted to the time when your sync was started. 

Does running a single record sync change the timestamp?

No, running the single record sync does not cause the timestamp to advance. In addition, when you run a single record sync, Autofy will ignore the timestamp.

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