As you sync with Autofy, you will notice the colored dots that appear next to every record. These dots indicate the "status" of that record, and are a very important indicator as to what happened when Autofy synced that record. 

Every record synced with Autofy will fall into one of 4 statuses and you can easily determine what status your records fall into by the color of the dot next to the record. 

The Record Statuses:

Green Dots:
Green dots indicate that the record synced successfully. If you only see green dots in your sync log or in Status Center, your sync is in good shape! If you are curious about all of the information that was synced over with a successful record, simply click on the record to see all of the details. 

Gray Dots:
Gray Dots indicate that a record was filtered out during the sync. This means it did not sync. Most commonly a record will be filtered out by a filter you created for your workflow. 

For example, if we look at the record below, we can see it was filtered out because the state value is not equal to WI. This means there is a filter on this step to only sync records with a Bill to State of WI. 

If you see a record was filtered out that you did want to sync, you can easily adjust the record so that it meets your filter requirements or modify your filter so it picks up all of the records you want to sync. Then reprocess the record from Status Center. 

Red Dots:
Red Dots indicate the record ran into an error and did not sync. Often times errors occur because of a data related issue that can easily be adjusted. If you see a red dot next to your record, click the record to see details and the error message. The error message will indicate what action you need to take to resolve this issue so your record can sync properly. Once you fix the issue in your channel, you can reprocess the record from Status Center to ensure it syncs properly. 

In the example below, the error message is showing that 'Test 1234' did not sync because Autofy could not find the Customer 'Kathy L' in QuickBooks. For this record to sync properly, the user would want to add a 'Kathy L' in QuickBooks as a Customer and then reprocess the record. 

Orange Dots:
Lastly, you may see an orange dot next to your record which is a warning. Warnings indicate that the record you were syncing did not completely fail to insert or update, but there may be some data that is missing. To gain details of what did not work properly, simply click the record.

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