As part of your Autofy subscription you will have access to Status Center.  Status Center as tool that will provide you with specific details of every single record that has run as part of your sync. From Status Center, you have the ability to see which records have run successfully, which records have been filtered out, and which records had errors and why. You can even re-sync records that have run into an error directly from Status Center!  All in all, it is a great tool to help you manage your sync and ensure your data is processing correctly. 

So, how do you use Status Center? Keep reading to learn how to take advantage of all the amazing features this tool has to offer. 

How to Get to Status Center:

To get to Status Center simply login to your Autofy Account and click the "Status Center" link in the left nav menu. 

What you will see when you first go to Status Center:

When you first go to Status Center, you will see a full list of all records that have synced for the last week. In the example below, you can see that the Date Range is set for a week, and that within that week 31 records have synced. The full list of records will appear and by the colored dot, you will be able to tell if it was successfully synced or not. You will also see the record name, the workflow it synced with, and the date it last synced. 

Important features of Status Center:

Filtering Records:
For those users who sync a large amount of data, we have several options available for you to filter the information in Status Center. You can use one filter at a time or a combination of the filters to narrow your record list down to exactly what you want to see. For more details on how to use the filters, check out this guide.  

The Status and Details of your Synced Records

Not only will Status Center show you which records have synced, but it will also show you the status of the record and the exact details of what Autofy synced with that record. For more on the different statues and how to view record details check out this article.

Reprocessing Records from Status Center: 

A huge benefit of viewing any errors you may have in Status Center, is the option to "Reprocess" the record. This means, you can view the error for a single record, fix the error based off of the message you received and then re-sync that one record (or multiple records) directly from Status Center! 

Why is this helpful? It will allow you to fix any records that ran into an error quickly without have to wait for when you are ready to run another full sync. For details on how to reprocess a record from Status Center, check out this article.

How to view record details in Status Center:

Not only will Status Center show you which records synced and their status, but it will also show you the exact details of what Autofy did. If you would like to take a closer look at a particular record, you can simply click the record line to expand the details. You will be able to see the steps Autofy took to sync the record, any related data that was also synced with the record, and the dates and times the record was synced. If the record ran into an Error, Warning or was Filtered Out, you will also be able to see the details as to why. 

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