Here at Autofy, we understand that time is one of your company's most valuable resources. In fact, saving time for your team by reducing manual data entry is likely a large factor as to why you are interested in Autofy. With this in mind, it has become our mission to create an app that is both easy to set up and maintain. 

This leads us to the the million dollar question: How quickly can I start syncing data with Autofy? But, before we answer that we want to add a variation of this question that we think is even more important: How quickly can I start syncing data EXACTLY the way I want it to look with Autofy?

Keep reading to find out the answers to both.

How quickly can I start syncing data with Autofy? 

Answer: Minutes

It takes about a total of 10 minutes to fully set up a sync from the time you press "Create Account" to the time you press "Sync" and see data flowing. This includes connecting your channels and creating a workflow with at least one step. You will be able to see data flowing and new records being created. However, it is important to keep in mind that unless you have ensured the mapping is correct for your business, Autofy may not create records exactly how you want them to look. 

This leads us to the next question.

How quickly can I start syncing data EXACTLY the way I want it to look with Autofy? 

Answer: It varies by company.

We wish we could provide you with a firm timeline, but it truly does vary by company. For some Autofy users, they truly can have data syncing exactly the way they want it to in minutes. For many others however, that time line could stretch to hours, days, weeks or even months. 

From our perspective, setting up your sync is not something that should be rushed. We encourage you to be thoughtful as you set up Autofy to make sure you have data syncing in a way that makes sense for your company. We promise; it will be worth the effort to take a few extra days up front, rather than taking time down the road to adjust data that didn't sync exactly how you wanted. 

What things can be done to speed up the process?

  • Sit down and think about your current business processes from start to finish. What process do you currently do manually for data entry and what parts of this process does it make sense for Autofy to replace?
  • Make sure your current data is clean. Check out this article for more info on "Clean Data".
  • Test the steps of your sync by using the "Single Record Sync" feature. Check out this guide for more information. 
  • Consider utilizing our Autofy Implementation Service for assistance from our team in setting up your sync.  

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