Every record you create in Salesforce is automatically assigned a unique ID. Here at Propelware we refer to that as a Salesforce ID. Autofy uses these internal ID's as part of it's Record Matching process (click here to learn about Record Matching). From time to time we may ask you to provide us with a Salesforce ID to help troubleshoot errors you may run into. Check out our quick guide below for where to find them. 

1. Login to your Salesforce Org
2. Navigate to the Record that is causing the error

3. When on the Record Page, highlight the string of text at the very end of the URL. This is the Salesforce ID. (In this example, the Salesforce ID is '0066A000004OZUa'.)

4. Copy and paste this ID in your email to us. 

Still have questions on Salesforce ID's? Let us know at support@propelware.com. 

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