As I am sure you already know, Salesforce allows you to customize your setup by creating Custom Fields. This is awesome for your business because it allows you flexibility to create a system that works perfectly for you. The great news for our Autofy users is that you can also set up your account to sync your Custom Fields. But, in order for Autofy to do this, you will need to be aware of what the API Name is for your Custom Field. 

What is an API  Name?

So, what exactly is an API Name? It is basically a behind the scenes title for your Custom Fields. The API Name is super important for Autofy, because this is the information it needs in order to know which Custom Field you want to sync with. 

How can you find the API Name for your Custom Objects and Fields?

While it may sound complicated to try and determine what the API Name is for your Custom Fields, I can assure you it is not. Simply follow the steps below to find the information you need. 

  1. Navigate to any existing record of the Object you want to find the API Name for.
  2. On the Right hand side of the page, you will see a small arrow. Click the arrow to open up a Menu.
  3. Click on the "View Fields" Link. (Highlighted in the example below.)

4. This will open up a new page with two tables. The bottom table will show all of the information for your Custom Fields and Relationships. The Third Row in this column will show the API Name for your custom fields. 

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