When you first start using Autofy, we like to recommend that you take advantage of our Single Record Sync feature. Using the Single Record Sync feature will allow you to sync one record at a time to make sure your information is syncing exactly the way you need it to. This is also a great feature to use if you are thinking about making changes to your sync; such as mapping updates or adding a filter. It can also be utilized if you want to sync one record quickly without running a full sync. 

Run a test sync for any steps within your workflow by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your workflow page. 
  2. Click "wand" image on the step you would like to sync a single record with. 
  3. A box will pop up and provide you with details on what field information is needed in order to run your test. 

4. Enter in the correct information from your record and press Sync.

5. From here, your Sync Progress box will pop up as normal and show you the status of your sync. 

See below for a quick overview of what is needed to run test syncs for the Steps within our Standard Sync Template:

Step 1: Syncing Opportunites from Salesforce to an Invoice in QuickBooks.
You will need the Salesforce ID for the Opportunity. Not sure how to find the Salesforce ID? Check this article

Step 2: Syncing Customers form QuickBooks to an Account in Salesforce.
You will need the Customer Name from QuickBooks. 

Step 3: Syncing Items from QuickBooks to a Product in Salesforce.
You will need the Item Name from QuickBooks. 

Need help running a Test Sync? Feel free to reach out to us at support@propelware.com. 

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